Are you confident in the security of your financial aid software?
April 21, 2023

As schools increasingly rely on technology to manage their financial aid process, it’s critical to ensure that vendors are taking the necessary measures to protect against cyber threats. As you evaluate your current financial aid solution, here are some key considerations to help you determine if your data is secure:

  1. Does your vendor have a comprehensive security policy in place?
  2. Is data encrypted both in transit and at rest?
  3. Does your vendor conduct regular security audits and penetration testing?
  4. Does your vendor have a disaster recovery plan in place in case of a breach?
  5. Does your vendor comply with industry security standards such as SOC 2?

At Clarity, we understand the importance of safeguarding our partner schools’ sensitive data. That’s why we have successfully passed a SOC 2 audit, the gold standard in assessing an organization’s ability to safeguard sensitive data.

Our successful SOC 2 audit means that we have implemented the necessary security controls to protect against unauthorized access, unauthorized disclosure, and other cyber threats. It also demonstrates that our internal security policies and procedures are effective and being followed consistently.

In addition to passing a SOC 2 audit, Clarity has implemented several other measures to ensure the security and privacy of our partner schools’ sensitive data. Our software engineers are world-class and come from commercial enterprises that were built to scale, bringing with them knowledge and experience to support Clarity’s cutting-edge technology. Additionally, all of our data is stored within the US, and all engineers with access to that data are located in the US. These measures ensure that our partner schools can have confidence in our ability to safeguard their sensitive data and protect against unauthorized access and disclosure.

At Clarity, we are dedicated to providing not only top-notch security, but also to offering a seamless and user-friendly experience for our partner schools. Our platform is designed to streamline the financial aid process, offering real-time insights, reports and projections, and an intuitive interface that simplifies everything for families and schools. By partnering with Clarity, you’re ensuring the safety and security of your school’s data, as well as investing in a solution that will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your financial aid office. Together, we can help your school navigate the complexities of the digital age while maintaining the highest level of security and data protection.

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About the author 

Matthew Sherman

Matt is the Chief Technology Officer at Clarity. He is a builder at heart and has dedicated his time to help startups grow, including working alongside Brennan in a prior independent school venture, PeerPal. Before his time in startups, he spent years developing financial systems for UBS. Matt also used to be a firefighter.