It Was a No-Brainer: The Clarity Story in Philadelphia
May 26, 2023

Almost exactly a year ago, Clarity’s CEO, Brennan Stark, and I hosted a luncheon for admission directors representing about a dozen of the largest schools in the Philadelphia market. We were introducing a new financial aid platform that had not yet officially launched, so we were showcasing the design prototype only. The initial reactions were very positive and the group took some time to discuss it. It’s important to note that Philadelphia is one of the most highly saturated markets for independent schools in the country with many crossover applicants, so this was a major decision that impacted all schools.

The consensus coming from the meeting was to allow Clarity a year to work through the pilot first-year bumps and then revisit. As it turned out, a few schools decided to become our first movers in the Philly market despite the vast majority of their peers staying with their previous system.

Fast-forward to today, and Philadelphia features more Clarity schools than most other major metro markets and that is due in large part to those who were willing to pilot the system last year and the incredibly positive feedback from families who applied.

We are seeing similar patterns in markets all over the country and it really comes down to a few schools being willing to be the first to make a switch and experience how Clarity is changing the landscape of financial aid for schools and families.

Check out this video to hear directly from our Philadelphia market early adopters!


  • Drew Cocco

    Drew is the Director of Client Success at Clarity, with a focus on ensuring that school users have the training, resources, and support they need to make the most of Clarity's Financial Aid software. Drew spent the first 14 years of his career in independent schools as a teacher and enrollment professional. A spreadsheet nerd at heart, he regularly publishes and presents on enrollment and financial aid strategies. Based outside of Philadelphia with his wife and three children, he enjoys carpentry and playing music in his spare time.

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